Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong...

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We share a passion for fashion


We are a rapidly growing and expanding personalized agency whom over the years have managed to achieve a very large Network of partner agencies worldwide, including Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa & USA. We specialize in finding placements around the world for international Models no matter where they are located, mainly through short term contracts...

Our Philosophy

Fashion is a market of constant changes and developments that transcend the line between the logic and proper. Our objectivity comes from a sociology understanding, derived from a point of consciousness beyond the structure of beauty. Our attitude and shapes determine our image, recreate the essence of what we are, a consciousness reflection and what we do. It's a simple matter of attitude.

the bible says
elegance is the only beauty that never fades
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Looking for Models for agency in NY Men 6'0/6'3" Slim (Eastern European)(Caucasian) Valid travel materials 17-25 years of age. Women 5'9/5'11" Slim(Eastern European)(Caucasian) Valid travel materials 16-22 years of age...

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Buscamos Modelos para importante comercial en Argentina

Buscamos Modelos para importante comercial en Argentina


Buscamos Modelos Masculinos Y Femeninos para importante campaña de marca de gaseosa para Argentina. Rostro muy comercial, altura no es excuyente. Muy bien remunerado y fecha a convenir. Enviar info, book y polaroids a ricky@cr-scouting,com ASUNTO: "Gaseosa"

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Lots of girls and boys want to get into modelling. Many are being exploited by unscrupulous people posing as bogus model agents on the false promise of a successful modelling career, girls and boys as young as 15 are spending up to 500 Euros on portfolios of pictures that are useless. and CR Models offer experienced, professional and caring advice on the correct procedures for getting into modelling, and we can also advise about the possible dangers:
First – be vigilant on the internet. Beware of people posing as agents ,managers, scouts or agency owners in chat rooms, instant messenger programs or on various social networking sites. People posing as scouts from various agencies and managed to fool or trick models or aspiring models. If anyone claims to be from CR Models but does not give you an email address in the form of: then they are NOT from CR Models
Note: The internet is commonly used by serious and respected modeling agencies reaching out to models aspiring models in remote or far locations, non-the-less we advise to verify that contact person by sending an email to the valid agency address and await a response from the official agency email address prior to any online communication, sharing photos or web video communication.
WARNING! NO! serious agent manager or agency representative will ask you to strip naked on webcam or request nude photos of you, should anyone ask you to do so it is strongly advised to immediately stop the communication with that individual or company and report it to or local authorities if need be.
Second – never agree to meet anyone unless it is at CR Models office in Chenaut st, Buenos Aires or unless that person is verified by a parent or legal guardian.
It is advised to always visit with an accompanying parent, guardian or trusted adult. If you can’t come to our office then send snap shots through our website, or by post.
Third – contact us direct, We do NOT work with any third parties (whether they are photographers or agents), who may claim to work on our behalf to create portfolios for your benefit, as an introduction to CR Models
Fourth – do not pay for any pictures. Do not believe anyone who tells you that you need a professional portfolio to be considered by an agency. Natural shots without make-up are the best guides for us to decide as to your potential. Many people have thrown away hundreds of pounds/ Euros/ Dollars having useless pictures taken on false promises. If you are suspicious of anyone who contacts you, get as many details as you can from them & then contact our office on Or contact

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We are looking for female models, 170+ for on stay contracts in BKK. No older than 25. Male models 1,83+ . Strong book, and willing to travel .Flight, accommodation and pocket monet advanced.

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Between XXX / Mother agency / Model
Model __________date ______
Mother Agent___ date _______
Hereunder is the content of the contract between XXX and the Model through their Mother Agency.
XX us per day (including flat and driver expenses)
Airfare Retour payed by XXX
Advances ( depending if the model account is on plus )
Pocket Money as advance XX us/week
Model 50%
Mother agency 10%
XXX 40%
(Gross model earnings) – (10% mother agency fee) – (40% XXX commission)-(Model expenses) = model net.
Model payment; will be made in cash when model leaves.
Mother agency ; to be paid in 10 days after model leaves
Banking information: please include in this space or send to XXX by email . 
 The Model
1. The agency’s schedule shall be of first priority.
2. The model has no right of choice for their model works.(Except working in non-modeling ,nude, semi nude)
3. During the contract period, the model shall not accept work from any other person, agency of corporation, nor shall the model personally solicit any work outside of what the agency assigns
4. The model shall not discuss any matter about jobs, casting or any other work . Related detail matter with clients or any other third party.
5. The model will not seek work or be represented by any other model agency or photographer (for test shooting) in___ for a period of 1 year after the expiration of this contract.
6. In order to maintain the agency’s reputation, the model agrees to behave and perform in the utmost professional manner with their job or casting etc.
7. The model agrees to and must stay for all bookings during the contracted period. If for forwarding reasons models wants to leave , boy/girl friend reasons , family reasons , sort of jobs/castings , budgets of jobs or any other unprofessional reason ;
a. The model forfeits all prior earnings.
b. Mother Agency forfeits prior commission.
c. Model should arrange her/him transfer to local airport.
d. Model should pay her/his ticket change cost to airways .
8. The model shall stay in good shape as of his/her former measurements informed to agency.
9. The model must supply the agency with a portfolio or a mini-book prior to arrival
10. The model is expected to be on-call for go-sees and auditions scheduled by the agency.
11. The model agrees to call the agency periodically throughout the day to confirm any prospective jobs or auditions that may come up at the last minute.
12. The model agrees to provide their own shoes and clothing if requested by the clients. Any articles provided by the agency must be returned promptly and the model thereof will reimburse loss.
13. The model must abide by the house rules (More details are in the attached file)
14. The model is not allowed to bring someone to reside in Agency’s apartment without Agency’s permission.
15. Models are expected to be back at the apartment by 11 PM, unless special occasions under agency’s permission.
16. The model shall keep ___laws, regulations and other customs.
a. No illegal drugs, excessive drinking, theft or public violence.
b. Disturbing neighbors by disruptive actions including, but not limited to, playing music, loudly and general unconscious behavior especially late at night ( after 23:00 )
c. The model shall be responsible to follow the Turkey regulations and procedures such as apartment rules and work procedure
17. Models can not spend the night out of model house under any conditions, if there is a exceptional situation they need to inform the agency immediately.
18. The proper penalties shall be applied if the model fails to comply with the rules above.
19. Model House location , The location of model house is only personel info and absolutely forbidden to show , give write down to any other person.
20.Models can not give mobile number which is agency provided to any other person except their family or relatives.
21.As a conservative counrty in __ we required to models not to wear so short skirts , pants or any other sexy dresses in order not to offend the other people around.
22.Models should not to make pay attention in and out of apartement being loud , abusing , to themself.  
Exclusivity;    Management will be the sole representative for model, in ___ for the date she/he arrives until three months after she/he leaves, unless permission is given XXX
Advances; advances are given only when models account is in the positive after all expenses and commissions unless previously agreed upon and maximum of 30% of model net at the time of request. Note; refer to banking.
Penalties; Damages done to models house, residence, property, will be fairly priced and added to model expenses. Damages to production for sabotage, lateness, uncooperative behavior, not showing up for job, will be assessed by Hilltop Model  Management and penalized accordingly and accurately.
Legal Work Permission ; The agency obtioned own apply right to Ministry of the Interior Office for get legal working Permission in case of model get Job/Jobs in first 2 months of model’s contract period.
Contract Cancellation; Model shall agree to respond promptly to all instructions and regulations, requests imposed on her/him by the agency during the contract period to execute all services professionally and with maximum effort.XXX reserves the right to terminate this agreement at discretion and without notice for any of the following reasons.
1. Protests or complaints regarding any stipulations contained here in including but not limited to remuneration, transportation or accommodation expenses, job rates, contract details.Direct contact or independent negotiation with a clients concerning day rates, overtimes, independent work outside of agency. Negotiation with other model agencies.
2. Being late for jobs and work related appointments. Note: often job starting times can be late or the client will show up late and this gives even more of a reason to be on time. When the model is late, often they are the ones to blame if something goes wrong on the job and the client will use the models lateness for an excuse to pay late.
3. Having guests over to the models apartment without agency permission.Disturbing neighbours by disruptive actions included, but not limited to playing music loudly, drunken behavior and general disruption to neighbors especially late at night.
4. Use of any non-prescription, illicit drugs, or breaking any laws, Ex
5. If the model does not get more than 6 bookings in the first 3 weeks XXX has the option to terminate her/his contract.
If the model’s Physical Appearance or the Measurements change during the contract terms, the agency has the right to ask the model to return to the original weight and measurement within two weeks. If the model does not cooperate, the agency has the right to terminate the contract.
Cancelation of contract is model has no right to get prior earnings from models account. Model will be send immediately after confirmed jobs, model will not be payed for prior earnings.
 Extension of contract;
Upon arrival if the measurements given by the mother agent are incorrect, within reasonable error, the mother agent and/or model will be responsible for expense reimbursement to XXX for expenses occurred up until the date of arrival.
Correct measurements of model:
Height _____Weight ______ Bust______Waist________ Hips _______Chest _____ Shoes______
We recommend the model to acquire medical insurance
Please confirm by signing, then scanning then forward by email 
This contract is deemed to have been made in the___ and the laws of the___shall govern the construction, validity and performance of this agreement.
In witness thereof, the parties hereto execute and sign this agreement in three counterparts as of the date written below
Duration of contract:
Agreed date of arrival   ___ ___  Contract finished________________________days.
____date______ _______________date____ _______________date______

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